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Regulatory structure

We have five regulatory divisions that reflect key nuclear industry sectors and help us deliver our Strategic Plan.

Sellafield, decommissioning, fuel and waste

ONR is responsible for the regulation of safety at Sellafield and at a number of other nuclear licensed sites involved in the fuel cycle, nuclear research, waste management and decommissioning.

New reactors

ONR regulates the nuclear new build industry from concept design to operations, applying regulatory influence to ensure the new generation of reactors are safe and secure. Our work covers new power station design, nuclear site licensing, and construction and commissioning.

Operating facilities

ONR regulates the safety and security of operating nuclear power stations and safety on the nuclear sites that form an integral part to the delivery of the UK’s nuclear deterrent and other maritime defences.

Technical division

ONRs technical division ensures that we are competently resourced to effectively regulate the health, safety and security of the UK nuclear industry against modern standards in an enabling manner.

Civil nuclear security and safeguards

ONR regulates security in the UK's civil nuclear industry in order to prevent the theft or sabotage of nuclear material and/or the sabotage of nuclear facilities.