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National emergency arrangements

In the unlikely event of a radiation emergency there would be four levels working together to deliver an effective response:

  • Duty holder: Operators of GB nuclear sites and other duty holders, such as those involved in the transport of radioactive substances play a fundamental role in the mitigation of risk and provide the focus for the initial on-site management of the response to a radiation emergency.
  • Local: The local multi-agency response would be coordinated through a Strategic Co-ordinating Group (SCG) located in the Strategic Coordination Centre (SCC). The SCG manages the response to the radiation emergency, protects the public, and ensures the co-ordination of communications.
  • National: Local decision making is supported, where appropriate, by central government using a graded approach based on the circumstances.
  • International: In the event of a radiation emergency, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) would lead on engagement with multi-national organisations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency, European Union, or countries with whichthe UK has bi-lateral notification agreements.