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Our Strategic Framework for International Engagement highlights the importance of our international work. The UK is committed to raising standards of nuclear safety, security and nuclear safeguards globally.

Our effective engagement and influence on a worldwide platform are imperative to:

  • influence the development of international standards and guidance for safety
  • security and safeguards that directly inform and are incorporated into the UK regulatory system to promote and sustain high standards,
  • enhance our reputation as a world-leading regulator,
  • collaborate and learn from others to inform our own development and continuous improvement,
  • and support other countries to reach for the same high standards in safety, security and safeguards.

The UK is a signatory to various international treaties and conventions which place legally binding obligations on the UK to demonstrate compliance and to ensure high levels of nuclear safety globally. As a result, work undertaken by international organisations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) can have a direct bearing on the way we regulate in the UK. It is important that we work closely with international organisations and international regulatory partners to ensure that we influence the development of new policies or international standards that directly inform and can be incorporated into our regulatory system effectively and efficiently.

As part of our work to enhance nuclear safety, security, safeguards and radioactive transport in the UK and internationally, we participate in a number of international forums and work closely with international regulators. Where this involves sharing technology and information, the UK puts in place bilateral arrangements and information exchange arrangements, where appropriate.