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Our engagement with academia

We engage with a wide range of academic institutions, providing us with indepentdent advice, evidence and expertise to help us make our regulatory decisions.

Its important that we continue to engage with traditional academic institutions and professional bodies, expert panels and other groups so we have the required information needed to inform our regulatory decisions.

They help us access the latest research, scientific knowledge and information, providing other evidence and knowledge to support our work, helping to ensure our decisions are well informed and based on up-to-date information.

We are committed to cultivating our existing relationships and building new ones with academia and professional bodies. Where appropriate we will look promote more collaborative working to help as learn, including newer areas of our work, such as our approach to regulating innovation and new technologies.

We also work with academia to cultivate talent pipelines. This will enable us to secure the people we require, and develop our current staff, to ensure they have the right mix of skills and experience to regulate effectively now and in the future.