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Technical Division

Aims and objectives

  • To ensure that ONR is competently resourced to regulate effectively to modern standards across its core purposes of health, safety, security, safeguards and transport within the UK nuclear industry, and in an enabling manner.
  • Leading and managing the regulatory disciplines in a manner that motivates, inspires and engenders the confidence of staff, optimises people skills and performance.
  • To ensure that ONR guidance is current, reflects relevant good practice and international standards and that it is consistently applied across divisions.
  • Defining and delivering ONR's nuclear research requirements.
  • The resolution of technical differences in opinion within ONR.
  • Developing and implementing learning from operational experience and other sources of internal and external information (regulatory intelligence) to ensure targeted and proportionate regulation.
  • Establishing the regulatory capability and capacity across the specialisms necessary to deliver ONR's regulatory function including learning and development and knowledge management strategies across the specialisms to ensure the regulatory resilience of ONR.