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ONR publishes annual security report to Secretary of State

The Office for Nuclear Regulation has today published its annual report on security within the UK’s civil nuclear industry. 

The regulator routinely produces this report to provide an assurance to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change on the state of civil nuclear security and on the effectiveness of regulation.

The report covers April 2011 to March 2012.

Adrian Freer, ONR deputy chief inspector, who leads its security programme, concludes the report by saying he is “satisfied with the standards, procedures and commitment with regard to security within the civil nuclear industry.”

The report explains that among its civil security responsibilities, ONR ensures compliance with regulations associated with physical security, information security, personnel vetting and the transport of nuclear materials.

In this reporting year its security inspectors:

-    conducted 204 inspections (including 18 ‘no notice’ inspections) to ensure sites were compliant with site security plans.

-    completed 3,310 personnel security vetting checks associated with people who wished to work on civil nuclear sites.

-    received notifications of 2,101 separate movements of nuclear material by road and rail within theUKand worldwide (when carried out onUKflagged vessels).

Specialist inspectors ensured compliance with regulations at 330 locations in theUKwhere sensitive nuclear information is held. As part of this work, ONRaccredits 340 IT systems for storage of such information.

Commenting on the report, Adrian Freersaid: “There were no reports over the 12 months that constituted a serious breach of security. This is testament to the positive approach taken by the industry and to the diligence and determination of ONR inspectors to ensure compliance with regulations.

“We will continue to seek continuous improvement; to enhance security and secure the protection of people and society from the hazards of the nuclear industry.”

If  issues likely to affect civil nuclear security are noted in the course of ONR's interventions,ONR requires the duty holder to ensure that they are either immediately rectified or compensatory measures put in place if appropriate. Details of any such issues are considered sensitive and are not made available to the public.