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ONR agrees to launch of next nuclear submarine

ONR have this week written to BAE Systems Marine Ltd in Barrow to agree to the launch of nuclear powered submarine Artful at the Barrow-in-Furness shipyard.

This permission comes after ONR required formal involvement in lifting a 'hold point', imposed on the launch by BAE, pending further work by BAE to justify the structural safety of the wet dock quay facility, to which submarines are moored during activities to commission them for service.  This followed surveys by BAE which revealed possible deterioration in the structure.

Since ONR's involvement in the hold point was agreed, BAE have undertaken a number of structural surveys, and remedial work, and have provided ONR with adequate assurance that they can justify the safety of the quay's structure for launch activities.

A project assessment report explaining the work done to inspect and assess BAE's arrangements and their safety justification will be published in due course.