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ONR’s Annual Report and Financial Position 2013-14

ONR has presented its opening position both in terms of achievements and financial management, as it begins life as a public corporation in its Annual Report and Financial Position 2013-14.

The report is a companion document to HSE’s Annual Report and Accounts 2013-14 and includes the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s Annual Statement 2013-14 on the safety and security of the nuclear estate and summarises ONR’s judgements on the areas it regulates. It provides evidence of ONR’s regulatory work during the year in line with our priorities in our Annual Plan for 2013-14.

ONR Chief Executive Officer John Jenkins said:

“2013-14 has been a successful year for ONR, We prepared for and achieved our change of status to an independent public corporation on 1 April 2014, against the backdrop of an expanding and challenging industry. We implemented several significant changes to our regulatory processes that will enhance our ability to maximise our effectiveness and efficiency.

I am proud of our achievements, including our work on emergency planning and preparedness; Generic Design Assessment of Hitachi-GE’s advanced boiling water reactor; driving forward improvements at Sellafield; permissioning of a series of new build projects, and a successful follow up mission by the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

ONR Chief Nuclear Inspector, Dr Andy Hall added:

“With this report we confirm that all the sites we regulate are safe and secure. There is further work to be done at some sites, particularly Sellafield, where we have a new regulatory strategy in place, and we are working with licensees to secure improvements in specific areas.”

For the financial year 2014/15 and thereafter ONR will produce a statutory annual report and accounts which will be laid before Parliament as required by the Energy Act 2013.