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Consent to decommission seven nuclear submarines

ONR has granted consent for a project to decommission seven out-of-service nuclear submarines at Rosyth Royal Naval Dockyard in Fife, following an application by the licensee.

Under the Nuclear Reactors (Environmental Impact Assessment for Decommissioning) Regulations 1999 (EIADR), ONR grants consent to projects to decommission nuclear power stations and nuclear reactors. This also applies to projects serving national defence purposes, in particular the decommissioning of reactors in nuclear submarines. Rosyth Royal Naval Dockyard Limited submitted an application for consent to decommission the seven submarines In January 2014. ONR’s decision follows extensive consultation and takes into account factors such as the adequacy of information provided by Rosyth Royal Naval Dockyard Limited. The consent has been granted under condition that there is clear demonstration of a suitable off site location for storing Intermediate Level Waste before this radioactive waste is removed from the submarines.

ONR has published a report describing the reasons and considerations behind its decision, the conditions attached to the consent and the measures Rosyth Royal Naval Dockyard Limited will take to control any significant environmental effects. It also provides information on the legal framework for nuclear safety, in particular the regulations under which the consent was granted. ONR will continue to have regulatory oversight throughout the lifetime of the project, interacting with other Regulators where appropriate.

Copies of the decision report will be available shortly in public libraries and circulated to all contributors.

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