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BBC Panorama Sellafield documentary

Sellafield is safe but presents many unique challenges due to the age and history of the site.

A considerable amount of work is still required to clean up out of date facilities at Sellafield and decommission their older plants. But this does not mean they pose an immediate safety risk to workers or the public.

As the independent nuclear regulator, we set very high standards throughout the industry and we have seen Sellafield make significant progress in recent years.

If we considered any plant to be unsafe we would shut it down or demand action to reduce that risk and return it to safety.

Sellafield is the most intensely regulated nuclear site in the UK. We have more than 50 highly qualified and experienced inspectors in our Sellafield team scrutinising the site to ensure it operates as safely and securely as possible.

Hazard and risk reduction at Sellafield remains our number one regulatory priority. We continue to play a key role in encouraging progress at the site and driving the pace of future hazard and risk reduction projects.