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Sellafield Ltd Complies With ONR Improvement Notice

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has today confirmed that Sellafield Ltd has complied with an Improvement Notice served in 2015.

The legal notice was issued following a number of issues at the Magnox Reprocessing Separation Plant which pointed to shortfalls in the way operating instructions had been followed at the facility.

Although no harm or release of radioactivity had occurred, ONR introduced enhanced regulatory oversight at the plant which was supported by the issuing of a formal Improvement Notice.

Following more than a year of regulatory scrutiny, ONR has concluded that the plant has achieved sustained compliance with the expected legal standard within the required timescales.

Chief Nuclear Inspector Richard Savage said: "We served this Improvement Notice after identifying weaknesses in one area of the multiple safety barriers in place at the Magnox Reprocessing Separation Plant.

"It is pleasing that the detailed improvement plan that was introduced in response to our legal Notice has achieved the improvements we required, and that these have been delivered on time by the licensee.

"We will of course continue to regulate this plant as part of our ongoing scrutiny of the Sellafield site, and our broader public duty to ensure the nuclear industry maintains the high standards required by the law."