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Meet ONR's 'Mr Christmas'

ONR's Steve Newman is believed to be Britain's most festive employee. A para technical officer in our Emergency Planning team, Steve takes the season of giving to new levels - buying a Christmas present for all 540 of his colleagues every year.

Purchased throughout the year, and individually wrapped by Steve and his family, the yuletide gifts are shared out by lucky dip on a chosen day each December. The grandfather of three even dons a stylish white tuxedo to celebrate the special seasonal sharing.

Steve, 57, based at Redgrave Court, Bootle, says his festive philanthropy is his way of recognising the important work that helps ensure Britain's nuclear industry stays safe and secure.

Colleagues at ONR have come to know him as 'Mr Christmas.'

Steve, from Wirral, said: "It was coming up to Christmas a few years ago and I bought some inflatable hats and other daft things for my team as a bit of fun. It went down so well, I just carried on doing it and eventually decided to extend it to the whole organisation a couple of years ago.

"Picking up the gifts has become an all-year-round job, I’m always on the lookout for bargains. Chocolate features highly, but also small items of jewellery, model aeroplanes, boxes of Christmas cards and other small novelty gifts...I suppose it's the thought that counts!

"We work very hard all year to ensure the nuclear industry keeps high safety standards, so it's good to take an hour out and spread a bit of Christmas cheer while also saying thanks to friends and colleagues."

Dave Caton, Director of Human Resources at ONR, said: "Nuclear regulation is rightly a serious business, but we are all human beings and it is heart-warming that Steve takes the time out to say 'thank you' to his colleagues in this special way.

"We're all extremely grateful for his generosity and certain he must be in the running for 'Britain's most festive employee,' and the embodiment of the true festive spirit."