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ONR response to BEIS impact assessment

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has recently published its Impact Assessment of the Nuclear Safeguards’ Bill and that makes reference to ONR's regulation.

We have contacted BEIS to clarify two points within the document as part of our ongoing constructive engagement with them to develop a domestic safeguards regime as part of exiting Euratom.

The first is that ONR regulates the nuclear industry, it does not provide services to it* .

Secondly, the Government’s policy has developed since the assessment was undertaken and the intention is to put in place a regulatory framework which is robust and as comprehensive as Euratom. This means that we are not in a position to identify potential efficiencies in our regulatory approach at this stage**.

As we support BEIS in its development of secondary legislation, we will provide advice to the Government to inform the anticipated impact assessment for nuclear safeguards regulation

*Other key non-monetised costs by ‘main affected groups’, page 3

**Description and scale of key monetised costs by ‘main affected groups, page 3

Update - 30 January 2018

On 26 January BEIS published an updated version of the Impact Assessment of the Nuclear Safeguards Bill, which takes account of ONR’s response.