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Hunterston B Reactor 3

EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd, the nuclear site licensee for Hunterston B power station in North Ayrshire has announced that the Hunterston B Reactor 3 will remain offline to ensure that the longer term safety case reflects the findings of recent inspections.

In March 2018, ONR was informed that additional keyway root cracks had been found during recent planned inspections of the graphite bricks that make up the core at Reactor 3 at Hunterston B.

Donald Urquhart, Deputy Chief Nuclear Inspector and Director of ONR’s Operating Facilities Division said: “We welcome the decision by EDF to delay the return to service of Reactor 3 at Hunterston B pending further assessment of the significance of the most recently identified keyway root cracks. I view EDF's decision as responsible, conservative, and made in the best interest of public safety.”

EDF will require ONR’s permission to restart Reactor 3, and we will be assessing the adequacy of EDF’s safety case for the longer term operation of the reactor.