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ONR publishes new Corporate Plan

Maintaining the delivery of core regulatory functions and holding industry to account on behalf of the public remain at the heart of ONR’s corporate priorities for 2018/19.

The priorities are included in ONR’s newly launched Corporate Plan which was laid before Parliament today (May 1).

The plan’s top ten priorities include developing a new regime to meet safeguarding obligations following Parliament’s decision to exit Euratom, along with measures to support the implementation of new emergency planning arrangements as a result of the Basic Standards Directive.

The top ten organisational priorities also include plans to:

  • Strengthen and improve engagement with stakeholders
  • Enhance succession planning, leadership development and improve capability and capacity through recruiting and developing staff
  • Simplify line management structures to provide more effective leadership and free up inspector time to perform regulatory duties
  • Develop an internal improvement project to focus on leadership and improve ONR’s culture
  • Improve cyber security and information governance
  • Modernise our IT systems and
  • Update and improve knowledge management and business processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness throughout ONR.

View the ONR Corporate Plan for 2018/19