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Magnox milestone

In a first for the UK nuclear industry, we’ve granted permission for the Bradwell site in Essex to enter ‘care and maintenance’, meaning the site has been put in a safe and secure state until final clearance in around 60 years.

It’s a significant milestone for us and has given us experience that we’ll use over the coming years as the remaining 10 Magnox sites are decommissioned.

Dr Mina Golshan, Deputy Chief Inspector and Director of our Sellafield, Decommissioning, Fuel and Waste Division, said: “Although Bradwell has reached its final decommissioning stage before the site is cleared, work to decommission the remaining Magnox sites continues and what we’ve learned from Bradwell is invaluable.” She added, “Over the 16 years that it has taken to achieve this major landmark, significant deconstruction and demolition has been completed with a commendable nuclear and conventional safety record.”

Although Bradwell will maintain its nuclear licence, the level of hazard and risk is so reduced that our frequent presence is not warranted, although we may choose to check Magnox’s inspection and maintenance work to ensure it is being done safely. Bradwell will be regularly monitored and inspected until its final clearance, scheduled for 2083.