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Our stakeholders share their feedback

We are delighted to share with you our 2018 Stakeholder Survey Report which was completed during October and November.  The survey was smaller in size compared to our first survey in 2017 and was designed to assess stakeholder views across some key performance areas.

Over 1,000 stakeholders from across the sector were invited to take part in the survey, including representatives from licensees, NGOs, government, research institutions, SSG groups, media, councils, agencies/public bodies and many more.  In total 329 responses were received, providing valuable insight into how we are viewed by our stakeholders.

What did our stakeholders tell us?

Overall the survey findings are positive; we’ve seen no significant drops in those areas where we performed well in 2017. Confidence continues to grow in us an organisation, with 30% of stakeholders reporting an increase over the last 12 months alone.

The attributes that many of our stakeholders most strongly associate with us are:

  • Independence (84%)
  • Trusted (85%)
  • Based on evidence (84%)
  • Fair (83%)

We’re pleased that 82% of our stakeholders feel that we listen to them, with the same number also agreeing that we influence improvements in nuclear safety and security culture.

While overall the results are very encouraging, it has identified areas where we need to maintain our focus. For example, in 2017 only 60% of stakeholders felt we were proportionate, and whilst it is positive that this has increased to 68%, we will continue our efforts to improve perception in this area. Stakeholder views on our consistency (64%) and being responsive to change (57%) have also improved in 2018, but stakeholder confidence remains lower than we would like.  We’ll continue to strive to make improvements in these areas, and you can stay updated on what we’re doing through our regular newsletter.

Our next full stakeholder survey will take place later this year.  As in previous years, it will be undertaken by YouGov and we hope to be able to publish the report in the first quarter of 2020.