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Chief Nuclear Inspector’s Independent Advisory Panel

Our work is wide-ranging and technically complex and we’re committed to engaging with nuclear topic experts to ensure that we have access to relevant information to inform our regulatory strategies and approaches.

In 2016, we introduced the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) to provide independent advice to ONR on nuclear matters.

The IAP is now well established and meets twice a year, bringing together experts from across the nuclear industry, academic community, government departments and other regulators who contribute to informed debate and provide advice on relevant topics. Their discussions range from regulatory strategies and policy to implications of developments in new nuclear technologies and the regulation of innovation, and we’re always interested to hear their views.

To increase diversity of views and strengthen ONR’s openness and transparency, the panel recently welcomed two new members from the Non-Government Organisations (NGO) community.

Peter Burt and Dr David Lowry joined the 15-strong panel at the latest meeting on 29 March in Liverpool, where they contributed to discussions on ONR’s organisation effectiveness indicators, challenges of supply chain regulation and some of our strategic improvement projects.

Appointed for three years, both members bring a wealth of new experiences, skills and views to the panel’s vitally important discussions. They have a broad understanding of the nuclear industry and the hazards it presents, along with knowledge of the current and future nuclear landscape, strengthening the panel to ensure that we have a range of opinions and a high level of intelligence.

Mark Foy, Chief Nuclear Inspector for ONR said; “The panel helps us to maintain our approach to seeking independent advice and guidance to help inform our future regulatory strategy and approaches.

“We are committed to being an open and transparent regulator so inviting representatives from the NGO community on to the panel was the natural thing to do. I’m pleased that both David and Peter have joined the panel, it is clear from the first meeting that they will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and I look forward to their further contributions.”