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Joint EA and ONR regulatory scrutiny and engagement report published

We, with the Environment Agency, have published a joint annual report on our scrutiny of Radioactive Waste Management's (RWM) work to develop geological disposal.

This report summarises our work relating to the geological disposal of radioactive waste. As regulators for these wastes, we are working together to make sure that any future geological disposal facility (GDF) will meet the high standards for environmental protection, safety and security that the public expects.

We have established agreements with RWM, the organisation responsible for developing a GDF, to provide regulatory advice and to scrutinise its work.

We have no regulatory role in selecting potential sites for a GDF. However, we will offer our support on matters relating to our respective areas of regulation to communities that are considering hosting a GDF.

Regulatory scrutiny and engagement for geological disposal: Annual report 2018 to 2019