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Approach to Regulating Innovation

We have published our Approach to Regulating Innovation, setting out how we are open and responsive to facilitating the implementation of innovative solutions.

In our recently published ONR Strategy 2020-25, we made a commitment to embrace innovation, new approaches and technologies in how and what we regulate and to share best practice case studies and encourage dialogue. This document shows how we intend to deliver that commitment.

Innovation goes beyond just advances in technology: it also covers new initiatives and novel approaches that address a specific need and we want to create an environment that is constructive and safe, in which innovation can thrive.

This document sets out how we will take a leading role in delivering the Government’s better regulation policy. It is based around four themes that align with new workstreams and policy developments from the Better Regulation Executive.

These four themes are:

• being accessible and enabling;
• working in a collaborative manner;
• being adaptable, flexible and agile; and
• effective horizon scanning

Deputy Chief Nuclear Inspector & New Reactors Director, Mike Finnerty, said: “We’re pleased to have published Approach to Regulating Innovation. I know, having spoken to many of our stakeholders, it is highly anticipated. It sets out how we will deliver the commitments made in our recently published Strategy 2020-25 to embrace innovation and to be a modern, transparent regulator.

“Our aim is to work with all stakeholders, in the UK and internationally, to identify common objectives that will help achieve new ideas and innovative approaches, while still delivering compliance with the law and ensuring that the high standards of safety and security are met.”