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ONR enhances links with the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP)

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) is pleased to announce that it has become an Affiliated Organisation member of the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP).

ONR has actively participated and supported SRP for many decades. This affiliation formally recognises ONR’s involvement and contributions towards the radiological protection industry and enhances the links between the two organisations.

SRP is the UK’s professional and learned society for the field of radiation protection. Founded in 1963 and incorporated by the Royal Charter in 2007, SRP is the largest professional body of its kind in Europe, with over 2,000 individual members, and is well respected internationally. The key aim of the body is to promote the science and the art of radiation protection and allied fields for the public benefit.

Gareth Thomas, ONR Superintending Inspector and Professional Lead for the RP and Criticality Specialism, said: “I’m really delighted that ONR has become an Affiliated Organisation member of SRP.

“As part of ONR’s Strategy 2020-25 we are committed to inspiring stakeholder confidence to ensure we continue to be a world leading regulator. Affiliate membership of the recognised UK chartered RP professional institution gives credibility and increases stakeholder confidence.

“Direct association with such a professional institution and its other associated organisations further enhances our communications networks with the wide range industry and academic professionals. It also ensures we maintain good visibility of key developments across the nuclear industry and wider radiation field in allowing ONR to influence future SRP strategy and policy, support its public engagement activities and to influence and inspire future generations of RP professionals.”

Pete Bryant, President of SRP, was pleased to welcome ONR, saying: “ONR and SRP have a strong relationship founded on collaboration - not only in supporting the continuous improvement and high standards of the profession but also improving public awareness and confidence in radiation safety.

“Being able to formally recognise this relationship is fantastic step forward and I am honoured to be able to welcome ONR as an Affiliated Organisation.”