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Nuclear safeguards project named Project of the Year

ONR’s project to become the UK’s national nuclear safeguards regulator has been named the public sector’s ‘Project of the Year’.

The UK’s independent nuclear regulator received the Project Management Institute (PMI) award in a virtual ceremony held on 15 July.

Nuclear safeguards are measures to verify that countries comply with international obligations not to use nuclear materials from civil nuclear programmes for non-peaceful purposes.

Mahtab Khan, Superintending Inspector and SSAC Delivery Lead, said: “I’m extremely proud that the incredibly hard work of the team behind the State System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material project has been recognised as the public sector’s project of the year.

“This was an ambitious project which required us to develop and implement an entirely new domestic regulatory regime for safeguards by 31 December 2020. We needed to train a team of safeguards specialists and implement a bespoke IT system all within the non-negotiable timeline of Britain’s departure from the EU and despite the challenges of COVID-19.

“I’m delighted that the safeguards function is now fully operational and enabling the UK to meet its international safeguards obligations.”

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