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ONR joins Merseyside Domestic Abuse Workplace Scheme

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) is today proud to confirm its accreditation as part of the Merseyside Domestic Abuse Workplace Scheme.

On today's annual Time to Talk Day, when everybody is encouraged to check in with friends, family and colleagues to foster open and supportive conversations about mental health, ONR is pleased to secure the backing of the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner for our part in this nationwide initiative.

Emily Spurrell, Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, said: "I am delighted ONR has joined the Merseyside Domestic Abuse Workplace Scheme and shown their commitment to all ONR employees and has created a Work Place Safe Place."

Anyone can experience domestic abuse - one in four women and one in six men in the UK have endured domestic abuse in their lifetime.

It can destroy lives, leaving physical and emotional scars. It can take many forms: physical, financial, emotional and psychological.

As part of our commitment to the Merseyside Domestic Abuse Workplace Scheme, ONR has trained workplace champions who colleagues can reach out to for support and help.

Here's what some of our senior bosses had to say about the Work Place Safe Place campaign:

- "We are proud to be accredited as we continue our support for the wellbeing of all our colleagues and create safe spaces at work where those affected by domestic abuse can talk in confidence." - Dave Caton, Human Resources Director

- "We continue to consolidate our support for colleagues by promoting an inclusive workplace where there is zero tolerance for abuse and all colleagues have access to the right support when they reach out for help in work" - Carol Boyle, Delivery Lead for Diversity & Inclusion

This year, ONR introduced its own new domestic abuse policy and procedural guidance, and as part of that, colleagues shared stories of how they'd bravely overcome domestic abuse with the right support and safe space.

The Merseyside Domestic Abuse Workplace Scheme is free for all organisations and provides them with an Employer’s Guide, Toolkit, including a Domestic Abuse Policy and information and promotional materials to share within an organisation.