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Global decommissioning meeting comes to an end

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) today draws to a close the Sixth Technical Meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) International Project on Completion of Decommissioning (COMDEC).

Jointly hosted by ONR and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), we’ve welcomed colleagues from the IAEA, other nuclear regulators and decommissioning managers from across the world to a very instructive and informative week in Wales.

Delegates have heard plenty of illuminating discussion throughout the week on the important role that interested parties can play in defining and delivering a site’s end state and its future uses, hearing particularly from French and German colleagues about their experiences of involving stakeholders and interested parties in the process.

Colleagues from Japan, the United States and Lithuania also delivered presentations to the meeting outlining the latest progress and technical advances.

This exchange of experiences and learning amongst Member States is extremely valuable and one of the key objectives of the COMDEC project.

The event also enabled positive work to be done around creating consensus on how particular regulatory terms are used across different Member States.  It is hoped a better understanding about differing terminology will help to minimise potential confusion and bring about greater consistency for site end states.

As COMDEC enters its final 18 months, the meeting closed with work plans being agreed around completing the drafting of the project report.

ONR would like to thank staff at the Trawsfynydd site for being such welcoming hosts during our visit to the site this week.

Providing our international colleagues with a chance to see the world-leading decommissioning work at the Magnox Ltd site, and to demonstrate how ONR regulates these activities, was a real highlight of the week for many delegates.

ONR looks forward to sharing further information about the COMDEC final report in due course.