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New Technical Services Framework

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has appointed seven nuclear supply chain organisations as prime contractors within a revised Technical Services Framework.

This follows a review of the previous framework, and a competitive public procurement exercise.

The new framework, effective from November 2022, will provide ONR with the means to procure technical services and research to support its capacity, in light of growing regulatory demands.

The framework will also support ONR’s capabilities in certain niche skill areas which are not held within the organisation. For example, these might include expert technical assessments in support of regulatory decisions, or access to specialist software or modelling.

The revised framework ensures ONR’s continuing ability to access expert supply chain resources at competitive rates within an increasingly competitive market as well as allowing increased flexibility and efficiency in accessing the full range of technical services the supply chain has to offer.

ONR will now procure technical services in support of its regulatory activities against a new, slightly revised framework comprising of three technical ‘Lots’. This will be in place for four years in line with Public Procurement Regulations:

  • Lot 1 will comprise a single tier of three suppliers, Gesellschaft für Anlagen-und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH, Tractebel Engineering, and Jacobs, who will provide ONR with services in Reactor Physics and Fault Studies.
  • Lot 2 will consist of two tiers providing services in Civil Engineering and External Hazards. Tier 1 will comprise ARUP, Mott MacDonald and Jacobs, and will be supported by a flexible pool of eight Tier 2 suppliers.
  • Lot 3 will consist of two tiers providing Specialist Engineering and Technical Services across a broader range of technical areas including Chemistry, Control and Instrumentation, Human Factors, Radioactive Waste Management, and others. Tier 1 will comprise TUV SUD, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd and Jacobs, and will be supported by a flexible pool of 45 suppliers.

For more details on ONR’s Technical Services Framework, please visit our contract opportunities webpage.