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New regulators' booklet to build public trust

The Office for Nuclear Regulation has been working with the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) to help produce a new best practice booklet entitled ‘Characteristics of a Trusted Nuclear Regulator.’  

The document is a practical guide to explain the organisational characteristics and attributes that can help nuclear regulators build and maintain trust with interested stakeholders and the public. 

The booklet offers helpful examples of actions and activities to demonstrate these values as part of ongoing work to enhance regulators’ effectiveness in fulfilling their missions to protect people and the environment.

The NEA and ONR are encouraging all established international nuclear regulatory bodies to use the booklet as a benchmark which acts as an essential resource for countries with existing and mature regulatory processes, but also for training and developing staff in newcomer countries currently in the process of developing and maintaining a trusted nuclear safety regime.

Jane Loughran, ONR’s Head of Communications, said: “We are proud to have been involved in the production of this new NEA green booklet, identifying the characteristics of a trusted nuclear regulator and providing a practical guide to help nuclear regulators build and maintain trust.”

Read the booklet in full