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ONR Corporate Plan 2024/25 published

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has today published its Corporate Plan for 2024/25.

The plan was laid in Parliament by the Department for Work and Pensions – ONR’s government sponsorship body - as a legal requirement of the Energy Act.

As ONR enters the fifth and final year of its Strategy 2020-25, it has made considerable progress against its commitments to be an increasingly modern and  transparent regulator, delivering trusted outcomes and value.

The plan outlines how ONR will continue to fulfil its role by influencing improvements and hold the industry to account where there have been shortfalls against the high standards of safety, security and safeguards that it expects. 

The plan details ONR's three priorities for 2024/25, which are: 

1.  People – capability and capacity: invest to build capability for the future and reward talent; address the findings of the Alliance Manchester Business School culture survey; succession planning; and engage with industry to build ‘skills for nuclear’, the capacity and capability required to deliver future UK nuclear ambitions safely and securely.

2.  Our organisation: Implement an integrated organisational structure responsive to future demands and rationalise estate and infrastructure, optimising space to promote effective collaboration and complement hybrid working.

3. Our ways of working: Deliver efficiencies and strive for continuous improvement, streamline regulatory approaches and how we work across our functions, adopting innovative solutions and being less risk averse in our decisions while maintaining high standards of regulatory oversight.

During the next 12 months, nuclear site health and safety will remain a priority focus for ONR and the industry, along with cyber security, with  industry-wide improvements required in these two areas.

Mark Foy, ONR’s Chief Executive and Chief Nuclear Inspector, said: “I’m delighted to announce that we have published our annual Corporate Plan for 2024/25. 

“This is our fifth and final plan aligned to meeting the ambitions set out in our Strategy 2020-25 which shows how we will deliver our mission to protect society by securing safe nuclear operations.

“We are determined to be exemplary and world-leading in our regulation, as we continue to build, retain and enhance public trust."

View the full 2024/25 Corporate Plan.