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ONR supports Armed Forces Week

To mark Armed Forces Week, ONR is sharing the stories of two staff members who served in the armed forces and the valuable skills they have brought to the nuclear regulator from their service.

Mike Redmond (right) served for more than 30 years in the Army across a number of roles and countries.

He joined ONR in 2016, and the skills he developed in the Army – including effective planning, delivery and providing clear direction and guidance – now support his role as Superintending Inspector for Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Mike said: "There are many skills that translate from military life into other occupations, including those at ONR. All the attributes that allow you to succeed in the military can be utilised to some effect in other roles."

Dan Hasted (left) served for ten years as a Royal Marines Captain, where he undertook various leadership roles in operations across the world.

He spent time working in recruitment before joining ONR as a security inspector, after which he took on different roles before becoming a Director of Regulation this year.

In his time at ONR, he has drawn on the leadership and communication skills he developed in the Royal Marines, as well the ability to quickly understand and influence situations.

Asked what advice he would give to other veterans seeking civilian roles, Dan said: "It’s a cliché but you’ve gained incredible experience that will be useful outside of the armed forces.

"It’s key that you understand how to ‘sell’ that or position yourself in a way that captures the imagination of the person making a hiring decision."

ONR is part of the 'Great Place to Work for Veterans' scheme, which supports those leaving the Armed Forces to seek civilian roles.

All veterans of the armed forces who apply for a vacancy at ONR can choose to opt into the scheme, which ensures they will be invited to interview if they meet the minimum criteria for a role.

Learn more about the scheme and current roles at ONR.