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ONR-RD-POL-002 - Risk-Informed and Targeted Engagements (RITE) Policy

This policy sets out how ONR expects inspectors to target regulatory engagements in a risk-informed manner. It supports inspectors in deciding what to engage dutyholders on, based on their judgement of risk prior to and during regulatory engagements, according to the following six principles:

  1. Inspectors should have a broad awareness of the types and balance of risks across all relevant purposes, to ensure regulatory effort is targeted and proportionate;
  2. Regulatory strategies should set out clearly how outcomes are risk-informed and intelligence-led and provide a baseline for schedule and resource planning;
  3. Regulatory plans defining the schedule and resource demand for engagements should adopt a graded and intelligence-led approach to target and sample matters of ongoing regulatory priority;
  4. Regulatory engagement scopes should capture the purpose of specific engagements and use a graded approach to risk-informed targeting and sampling;
  5. Responsibilities and accountabilities for targeting regulatory effort should be clear and inspectors should collaborate to secure balanced outcomes; and
  6. Inspectors should work in a way that supports those they regulate to comply and grow.