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Hinkley Point C

Following interest in the regulation of Hinkley Point C and the European Pressurised Reactor planned for the site, ONR would like to clarify its regulatory position.

ONR continues to be engaged in conducting safety and security assessments. Following a final investment decision by EDF, and satisfactory completion of regulatory evaluations , ONR will be in a position to give permission for the start of construction at Hinkley Point C in accordance with its nuclear site licence. ONR's regulatory strategy includes the staged permissioning of further activities on the site from start of construction, through receipt of fuel arriving on site to the first operation. ONR can specify a “hold point” at any other stage as the construction and commissioning proceeds.

ONR does not anticipate similar anomalies at Hinkley Point C as occurred at the EPR reactor at Flamanville because EDF will be procuring the dome forgings manufactured from larger ingots using a different casting process designed to eliminate the carbon segregation currently being considered by the French regulator.

As part of ONR’s ongoing regulation, the dome and the whole reactor will need to meet the UK’s high standard of nuclear safety to ONR’s satisfaction before permissions are given.