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Operational experience guidance (full list)

Document ID Review date Title
NS-COM-IN-001 (Issue 9) November 2025 Provision of information to the public through production and distribution of SSG/LCLC/LLC reports and attendance at SSG/LCLC/LLC meetings by ONR Inspectors
ONR-OPEX-GD-001 (Rev 7) Withdrawn Notifying and Reporting Incidents and Events to ONR
ONR-OPEX-GD-002 (Issue 4) May 2026 The Role of the UK International Nuclear & Radiological Event Scale (INES) National Officer
ONR-RIO-GD-001 (Issue 4) October 2024 The Role of the UK National Coordinators for International Operating Experience Report Systems
ONR-RIO-GD-002 (Issue 1.3) March 2027 Incident Notification Guidance for Nuclear Site Licensees
ONR-RIO-GD-003 (Issue 1.4) March 2027 Notification Guidance for Nuclear Security Incidents
ONR-RIO-GD-004 (Issue 1.2) March 2027 Incident Notification Guidance for Nuclear Safeguards Incidents
ONR-RIO-GD-005 (Issue 1.3) March 2027

Incident Notification Guidance for Transport of Radioactive Material

ONR-RIO-GD-006 (Issue 1) March 2027 Notification Guidance for Nuclear Site Health and Safety Incidents
ONR-RIO-PROC-004 (Issue 2) March 2027 Governance and Oversight of Incidents
ONR-OPEX-GD-005 (Issue 2) January 2027 Production of Advice Notes and Alerts
ONR-RIO-PROC-001 (Issue 6.1) July 2024 Management of Regulatory Issues
ONR-RIO-PROC-002 (Issue 2) March 2027 Process for Notifying Incidents to ONR
ONR-RIO-PROC-003 (Issue 5.1) March 2027 Processing and Reporting of Incident Notifications
ONR-OPEX-IN-002 (Rev 3) February 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-001 (Rev 4) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-002 (Rev 9) March 2023 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-003 (Rev 8) June 2022 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-004 (Rev 5) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-005 (Rev 7) June 2022 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-006 (Rev 4) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-007 (Rev 4) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-008 (Rev 4) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-009 (Rev 5) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-INSP-IN-004 (Rev 1) - Withdrawn
NS-INSP-PROC-001 (Issue 5.1) November 2025 Resolving Differences of Regulatory Opinion
INS/FWD - Withdrawn
INS/003 - Withdrawn
INS/030 - Withdrawn
INS/032 - Withdrawn
ONR-DOC-TEMP-350 (Issue 2) - ONR Incident Follow Up Report (FUR) Form
INF1 - ONR Incident Notification Form
G/INS/008 - Withdrawn