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New look for ONR

To support the launch of ONR as a Public Corporation, today ONR introduces its new logo. The new logo will be used on all external communication channels, and corporate publications including letters, email signatures, e-bulletin and Quarterly News, and you will already notice the newly branded website.

ONR inspectors will carry new ONR legal warrants, which they are required to have as a written instrument of their appointment.  The new warrants will account for the additional legislation of the Energy Act 2013, whilst maintaining powers under the Health and Safety at Work Act. All warrant holders have received training briefings on the Energy Act and interview panels to confirm their regulatory competence in advance of ONR becoming a Public Corporation.

ONR inspectors will wear new personal protective equipment when visiting nuclear licensed sites after 1 April.  The new equipment, including high visibility jackets, vests and hard hats, incorporates the new ONR brand.