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Nuclear regulator publishes annual progress report

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has published its annual judgement on the regulatory attention applied to nuclear licensed sites. The regulator judges that nuclear dutyholders have achieved high standards of safety and security, and continue to protect the workforce and the public from harm.

This judgement is made as part of the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s annual statement, published within ONR’s Annual Report and Accounts which has been presented to Parliament today. The statement provides an overview of ONR’s regulatory activity, performance against its priorities and judgement on the regulatory attention necessary for each licensed site, dependent on the level of hazard and risk posed by the facility.

Chief Nuclear Inspector, Dr Richard Savage said:
"We have made strong regulatory progress this year, most notably at Sellafield where we have influenced the movement of legacy material to safer storage, but also through our assessment of new build activities and our core regulatory purpose to ensure that licensees continue to uphold the law and protect the public.”

Chief Executive, Adriènne Kelbie said:
“Effective regulation is the prime objective for everyone at ONR, and all of our staff are dedicated to ensuring that we help to protect the public. Providing strong and independent regulation brings both opportunity and challenge for us, but I believe we are well positioned to support regulation of the industry for the foreseeable future.”

The report also provides an overview of ONR’s financial position, progress against targets and staff information.