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Learning from and listening to others

Published earlier this year, ONR’s Strategy 2020-25, laid out our commitment to inspire stakeholder confidence by engaging with a wide range of views, learning from others, and working openly and transparently.

As part of that commitment, we have published our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2020-25, as well as the results from our last survey of stakeholder attitudes.

The Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2020-25 outlines how we will widen and diversify our stakeholder base by expanding our networks to enhance understanding of our work, how we will build on our responsibility to the public to be open and transparent in our regulation, and how we will increase public involvement in the development of our plans, priorities and decisions.

Katie Day, Director of Policy and Communications said: “Positive and effective engagement is vital for us to carry out our role to protect society by securing safe nuclear operations. Our success depends on the continued support and commitment from our stakeholders and greater two-way involvement and connection with the work we do.”

Ensuring we listen to stakeholder feedback is important to us, and we have also published our latest stakeholder survey, conducted by YouGov. We received 364 responses, the highest number so far.

Professional (93%), independent (89%) and trusted (85%) were the attributes that our stakeholders most strongly associated with ONR. Over two thirds of our stakeholders (71%) agreed that we proactively sought feedback, up from the 66% in 2017 and 69% in 2018, reflecting our commitment to seeking feedback.

However, we will be working hard to work in the areas where we’d like to do better: 58% of respondents felt we were proportionate, 62% felt we were consistent and 52% felt we were responsive to change (52%).
Areas identified for us to build on include how proportionate we are seen to be (58%), how consistent we are (62%) and how responsive to change (52%). We will be focusing on these in 2020/21.

Katie Day said: “We will continue to listen and learn from our stakeholders, and we will be working to address feedback, which our new Stakeholder Engagement Strategy makes clear.”

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