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Permissioning inspection - Assessment (full list)

Document ID Review date Title
NS-PER-GD-001 (Issue 7) October 2028 Nuclear Safety Permissioning
NS-PER-GD-014 (Rev 6) - Withdrawn
NS-PER-GD-019 (Issue 1) March 2026 Guidance to Inspectors on the Interpretation and implementation of the ONR Criterion of no Danger for the Delicensing of Nuclear Sites
NS-PER-IN-001 (Rev 8) - Withdrawn
NS-PER-POL-001 (Issue 1) March 2026 ONR Criterion for Delicensing Nuclear Sites
NS-PER-PROC-001 (Issue 4.1) December 2027 Licensing Procedures – Public Body Notification
NS-PER-PROC-002 (Issue 5.1) December 2027 The Processing of Licence Applications for New Nuclear Sites
NS-PER-PROC-003 (Issue 3.1) December 2027 The Processing of Applications for Relicensing Existing Licensed Nuclear Sites
NS-PER-PROC-004 (Issue 3.1) December 2027 The Delicensing Process for Existing Licensed Nuclear Sites
ONR-PER-IN-006 (Issue 4.1) January 2026 Decision Review and Appeals Process
AST/002 - Withdrawn
AST/004 - Withdrawn
G/INS/001 - Withdrawn