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Technical Assessment Guides (TAGs) - Nuclear Safety (full list)

Document ID Review date Title
NS-TAST-GD-002 (Issue 8.1) July 2028 Radiation Shielding
NS-TAST-GD-003 (Issue 9.2) September 2024 Safety Systems
NS-TAST-GD-004 (Issue 8) April 2028 Fundamental Principles of safety assessment
NS-TAST-GD-005 (Issue 12) January 2029 Regulating duties to reduce risks to ALARP
NS-TAST-GD-006 (Issue 5.1) October 2025 Design Basis Analysis
NS-TAST-GD-007 (Issue 5.1) August 2027 Severe Accident Analysis
NS-TAST-GD-009 (Issue 7) November 2028 Examination, Inspection, Maintenance and Testing of Items Important to Safety
NS-TAST-GD-010 (Issue 7.1) December 2024 Early Initiation of Safety Systems
NS-TAST-GD-011 (Issue 2) Currently under review The single failure criterion
NS-TAST-GD-013 (Issue 9) October 2028 External hazards
NS-TAST-GD-014 (Issue 7.1) October 2026 Internal Hazards
NS-TAST-GD-015 (Issue 3.1) May 2025 Electromagnetic Interference
NS-TAST-GD-016 (Issue 7) April 2025 Integrity of Metal Structures, Systems and Components
NS-TAST-GD-017 (Issue 4.1) November 2025 Civil Engineering
NS-TAST-GD-018 (Issue 9) January 2029 Criticality Warning Systems
NS-TAST-GD-019 (Issue 5.1) April 2024 Essential Services
NS-TAST-GD-020 (Issue 6.1) May 2025 Civil Engineering Containments for Reactor Plants
NS-TAST-GD-021  (Issue 6.1) June 2026 Containment on nuclear facilities
NS-TAST-GD-022 (Issue 8.1) June 2027 Ventilation
NS-TAST-GD-023 (Issue 6.1) August 2024 Control of Processes Involving Nuclear Matter (SAP - ENM. 1 to 8)
NS-TAST-GD-024 (Issue 7.2) December 2023 Management of Radioactive Material and Radioactive Waste on Nuclear Licensed Sites
NS-TAST-GD-026 (Issue 6) January 2029 Decommissioning
NS-TAST-GD-027 (Issue 7) December 2027 Training and assuring personnel competence
NS-TAST-GD-028 (Issue 6.1) October 2024 Control and Instrumentation Aspects of Nuclear Plant Commissioning
NS-TAST-GD-029 (Issue 5.1) March 2029 Graphite reactor cores
NS-TAST-GD-030 (Issue 7) April 2024 Probabilistic Safety Analysis
NS-TAST-GD-031 (Issue 7) May 2028 Safety related Systems and Instrumentation
NS-TAST-GD-033 (Issue 7.3) September 2024 Duty Holder Management of Records
NS-TAST-GD-035 (Issue 7) March 2028 The Limits and Conditions for Nuclear Safety (Operating Rules)
NS-TAST-GD-036 (Issue 6) October 2028

Redundancy, Diversity, Segregation and Layout of Structures, Systems and Components

NS-TAST-GD-038 (Issue 10) November 2027 Radiological Protection
NS-TAST-GD-041 (Issue 8) January 2029 Criticality Safety
NS-TAST-GD-042 (Issue 5.1) September 2024 Validation of Computer Codes and Calculation Methods
NS-TAST-GD-043 (Issue 6) July 2024 Radiological Analysis - Normal Operation
NS-TAST-GD-045 (Issue 7) April 2027 Radiological analysis - Fault conditions
NS-TAST-GD-046 (Issue 7) December 2026 Computer Based Safety Systems
NS-TAST-GD-048 (Issue 7) July 2028 Organisational Change
NS-TAST-GD-049 (Issue 7.1) July 2024 Licensee Core Safety and Intelligent Customer Capabilities
NS-TAST-GD-050 (Issue 8.1) October 2025 Periodic Safety Reviews (PSRs) [NS-TAST-GD-050]
NS-TAST-GD-051 (Issue 7.1) December 2024 The purpose, scope and content of safety cases
NS-TAST-GD-056 (Issue 7.1) October 2028 Nuclear Lifting Operations
NS-TAST-GD-057 (Issue 7) May 2027 Design Safety Assurance
NS-TAST-GD-058 (Issue 5) March 2026 Human Factors Integration (HFI)
NS-TAST-GD-059 (Issue 5.2) December 2024 Human Machine Interface (HMI)
NS-TAST-GD-060 (Issue 5) December 2027 Procedure Design and Administrative Controls
NS-TAST-GD-061 (Issue 5) June 2028 Staffing Levels and Task Organisation
NS-TAST-GD-062 (Issue 4.2) October 2025 Workplaces and Work Environment
NS-TAST-GD-063 (Issue 6) December 2027 Human Reliability Analysis
NS-TAST-GD-064 (Issue 5) May 2028 Allocation of Function between Human and Engineered Systems
NS-TAST-GD-065 (Issue 5) July 2028 Function and Content of the Nuclear Baseline
NS-TAST-GD-067 (Issue 3.2) June 2027 Pressure Systems Safety
NS-TAST-GD-072 (Issue 4.1) July 2027 Function and Content of a Safety Management Prospectus
NS-TAST-GD-075 (Issue 3.1) September 2025 Safety of Nuclear Fuel in Power Reactors
NS-TAST-GD-077 (Issue 6.2) July 2024 Supply Chain Management Arrangements for the Procurement of Nuclear Safety Related Items or Services
NS-TAST-GD-079 (Issue 6.1) July 2024 Licensee Design Authority Capability
NS-TAST-GD-080 (Issue 5) January 2028 Nuclear Safety Advice and Independent Challenge
NS-TAST-GD-081 (Issue 4.1) June 2024 Safety Aspects Specific to Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
NS-TAST-GD-083 (Issue 2.2) November 2024 Land Quality Management
NS-TAST-GD-087 (Issue 2.1) July 2027 Control of Property Transactions on Licensed Sites
NS-TAST-GD-088 (Issue 3.1) January 2029 Chemistry of Operating Civil Nuclear Reactors
NS-TAST-GD-089 (Issue 1.1) February 2026 Chemistry Assessment
NS-TAST-GD-093 (Issue 2) Document replaced - TD-HOC-GD-002 - Leadership and Management for Safety Reviews Guidance for undertaking Leadership and Management for Safety Reviews
NS-TAST-GD-094 (Issue 2) July 2024 Categorisation of Safety Functions and Classification of Structures and Components
NS-TAST-GD-096 (Issue 1.2) November 2027 Guidance on Mechanics of Assessment
NS-TAST-GD-097 (Issue 2) April 2025 Criticality Safety Assessment of Transport Packages
NS-TAST-GD-098 (Issue 2.1) October 2024 Asset Management
NS-TAST-GD-099 (Issue 2.2) August 2027 Transport Engineering Assessment
NS-TAST-GD-100 (Issue 2) October 2024 Shielding and Dose Rate Safety Assessment of Transport Packages
NS-TAST-GD-101 (Issue 1.3) March 2028 Geological Disposal
NS-TAST-GD-102 (Issue 2) June 2028 General Guidance for Mechanical Engineering Specialism Group
NS-TAST-GD-103 (Issue 2) February 2028 Emergency Power Generation
NS-TAST-GD-104 (Issue 1) February 2025 Corporate Governance for Safety
NS-TAST-GD-105 (Issue 1) June 2028 The Assessment of the Nuclear Reactors (Environmental Impact Assessment for Decommissioning) Regulations Submissions
NS-TAST-GD-107 (Issue 1.2) April 2027 Safety Leadership

NS-TAST-GD-109 (Issue 1)

February 2028 Ageing and Degradation Management